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Contemporary sculpture

Contemporary art has surpassed all forms of traditional creativity and has seemed to originate directly from the ‘artists’ mind. With the inception of modern era and footage in fresh forms of art, people like to manipulate art and sculptures and consider them their prized possessions. Several notions have been thought of to comprehend the evolution of contemporary sculpturing. But it seems that the ever-altering traditions, beliefs and cultures and thereby evolving a twist in people’s perception have been responsible for its inception. Whatever the cause or effect maybe, there is no doubt to comment that modern carving, unlike traditional forms of sculpturing is free to work purely on imaginations and conceptualisation.

If you are a contemporary sculpture art admirer, then your eyes will get glued to the contemporary works of top Indian Artist. The artists, through their pieces of works beautifully articulate religion, tradition, a social issue or a political belief. This is because, unlike the other conventional versions, modern figurines assimilate in their own way. Neeraj Gupta, one of the finest contemporary sculpture artists in India, offers consummate works. The artist, who has hosted his solo works, seems to mesmerize sculptor-admirers in a big way.

  • It's time to bring home some exotic collection of contemporary sculptures from the all new collection by Artist Neeraj Gupta. His work and craftsmanship turns an ordinary material into a beautiful figurine to observe and admire. Get to know more about it all here!
  • You must be wondering as to where did this contemporary sculpture evolve from? Well now, it evolved right here, from the artist's mind and has turned since then one of the forms of sculpturing that art admirer love. Know more about contemporary sculptures today!

Incredible Sculptures
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