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Top ten Sculpture Artists in Delhi

The Sculptors who were trained in the academic pragmatist style at British art schools usually worked on secular subjects – ancient and medieval Indian customs, where myths and deities were a part of the major themes. Sculptures these days are being created to cater the demands of the emerging upper and middle social classes.

It was only during the year 1940’s and 1950’s that Indian modern sculpture developed a unique aboriginal language; which was first represented by the works of Ram Kinker Baij one of the best sculpture artist in Delhi. His art was a fresh outlook at both western and traditional Indian norms, combining them in a modern framework. He also experimented with unconventional material such as concrete, gravel and cement, making his art a mirror into the rural landscape and tribal communities of India.

Here are the Top ten artists of Delhi who work with Contemporary sculpture:

Satish Gujral
Satish Gujral – Sometimes known as the fickle minded artist to the press. His nature of getting bored with one this easily has made him one of the most gifted artists. He has never agreed to the fact but in the last 6 decades his artwork has benefited the art culture in the capital of India. He constantly changes his way of painting as well the material he uses so that it stands out from his previous work making his works very unique.

Neeraj GuptaNeeraj Gupta – Neeraj Gupta, is among the top sculpture artists in India, who are known for creating Marble sculptures, wooden sculptures as well as Metal Sculptures. He has also started to experiment with pigmented white cement. He has a belief that sculpting in India is as rampant and breathtaking as that of the bygone eon and even today sculpturing is prominent as it displays an upended tradition of the cultural, regional, and religious magnificence of India. Contemporary sculpture has gained popularity worldwide due to its artistic proficiency. It has attained such heights that India boasts not only about its sculptors and their craft but has leveled up to make it a professional achievement.

Anish KapoorAnish Kapoor – Anish Kapoor is a leading contemporary British-Indian artist operating in large-scale abstract public sculpture. amongst his high-quality-known works is the popular Cloud Gate (2006), in any other case referred to as “the Bean,” featured in Chicago’s Millennium Park. at some point of his career, Kapoor has worked on a selection of scales and with diverse materials—mirrors, stone, wax, and percent—exploring both biomorphic and geometric forms with a particular interest in negative area.

Bharti Kher
Bharti Kher – Bharti Kher is a leading Indian present day artist who works with painting, collage, photography, sculpture, and installation. Kher is an artist devoted to exploring cultural misinterpretations and social codes via her art practice. She uses the bindi as a crucial motif in her work to link subculture and modernity, East and West. The bindi, an adornment wore by Indian women on their foreheads, is traditionally visible as the sign of a married lady, and the third eye that links the religious and material worlds.

Atul Dodiya
Atul Dodiya – Atul Dodiya has produced a body of work that defies neat categorization, starting from paintings and works on paper to road art and sculptures, encompassing numerous specific patterns and seamlessly intertwining Western artwork history with the history, myths, folklore, and popular culture of India.

Subodh Gupta
Subodh Gupta – Subodh Gupta is a cutting-edge Indian artist. Running throughout a ramification of media, he's high-quality recognized for his monumental sculptural works composed of regular metallic objects inclusive of lunch boxes, tin cans, and cookware. Self-defined as a consultant of a cultural history, his work interprets a non secular quality via the items from which they are composed.

Jitish Kallat
Jatish Kallat – Jitish Kallat is a modern-day Indian is a painter, sculptor, photographer, and installation artist best regarded for paintings that celebrates the town of Mumbai. running in a multimedia technique to subject matter, his works variety from esoteric natures capes to political evaluations of the socio-financial divide in his home country. Kallat frequently utilizes famous Indian advertising and marketing aesthetics that he incorporates during his practice.

Raqib Shaw
Raqib Shaw – Raqib Shaw is a modern-day painter primarily based in London, England. Shaw was born in Calcutta, but spent much of his teens in Kashmir, in which he became inspired by the multi-ethnic cultural environment. After graduating from university, Shaw exhibited in a number of organization and solo exhibitions. His work The garden of Earthly Delights caught the attention of the London modern artwork scene in 2004. Titled after the triptych of Hieronymus Bosch, the series depicts a fantastical underwater global populated through hybrid creatures often engaged in violent and sexual acts.

Ravinder Reddy
Ravinder Reddy – Sculpted in fibreglass on a grand scale, Reddy's enormous female heads and nudes are some of the most seen and recognisable examples of current South Asian art. Reddy fuses pop and folks sensibilities with the traditions of Hindu sculpture. His works advocate a multifaceted femininity that is right now rooted in the beyond whilst embracing the modern-day world.

Rohini Devasher – Devasher has trained as a painter and printmaker, and works in a variety of media which includes sound, video, prints and big site-precise drawings. Her present day frame of work is a set of ‘abnormal’ terrains, constructed by watching, recording, fictionalizing, and re-imagining items and spaces that exist on the interface between technology, nature and subculture, belief and production.


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