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Miracle of Creation

The Miracle Of Creation: In these sculptures follows the logic of Indian aesthetic (rasa, bhava, symmetry, ornamentation, philosophical text), as well as the Indic image making techniques. Certain of his works are thus a convincing continuation of the foregoing vigorous art forms. After an intuitive as well as intellective grasping of the high points of temple art styles, as of rock or cave art patterns, he has sought to transform them into a contemporary modern idiom.

This way he has utilized ancient sculptural motifs in fresh contemporary incarnations; each work is significantly achieved by focusing on aesthetic and sculptural techniques by reorganizing cum breaking symmetry, by reorientation of the same, the simplification of structures and rhythms, and the modernization of traditional forms.

The Miracle of Creation, is in line with the icons of a tradition that configures divine love on myriad planes, as the principle that makes the world go round, as well as human love (an humble replica of the indissolubly fused whole). Shiva and Shakti are deemed those two basic principles that visualize the energies of the supreme reality; out of their congress comes the greater creation, quite as our creaturely congress brings forth human life. These are immaculate, and impeccable, in their hewing. In them is the feel of a great resolve, as of indestructible faith.

Incredible Sculptures
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