PG3 Artist. Neeraj Gupta is one of the award winning and listed artists who works in 3 dimensions art. He is top ten modern & contemporary sculptors who appears time to time on page 3.
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Page 3 Artist

Page 3 Artist
Pg3 Artist

Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that has in three dimensions.  sculptural art uses carving method (the removal of material) and modelling (the addition of material). A sculpture artist uses the techniques carving and modelling while making a unique piece of sculpture art. 
Practise there are very few sculpture artists who appeared on page3 in media. Neeraj Gupta who is top ten Indian Sculptors who appears time to time on page 3.  However, the prominent print media features the famous sculpture on page 3 regularly and hence the new terminology of page 3 artist is evolving.
Discover the art of more than 700 artists, from 40 countries currently working in three dimensions sculpture art. The listed artists are all members of sculpture art network. Neeraj Gupta is one of the award winning and listed artists who works in 3 dimensions art.
Why you should choose sculpture page 3 artists for an unforgettable piece of sculpture art?
Indian Arts consists of a variety of art forms, including wooden art, marble art, metal art, visual art and textile art. A strong sense of design is characteristic of Indian art and can be observed in its modern and traditional forms. For a real sculpture artist the idea comes to create a unique piece of sculpture art when he meets and analyze the different humans and their activity. The modern Indian sculpture art scene could be seen on page 3 with pg3 artists
Browse Neeraj Gupta’s few memorable appearance on page 3 on different events of his unique exhibition of contemporary sculpture public art and solo show art.
Please refer below for few of Indian contemporary and page 3 artists:
Aditya Pande (born 1976), painter, sculptor, digital artist
Anil Kumar Dutta (1933 – 2006), Artist & Educator
Anjolie Ela Menon (born 1940), painter
AtulDodiya (born 1959), painter
B. Prabha (1933-2001), painter
Badri Narayan (born 1929), painter
BaijuParthan (born 1956), painter
BalanNambiar (born 1937), Sculptor, Painter and research scholar
Bapu (1933-2014), Painter
Bharti Kher (born 1969), Painter, Sculptor and Installation Artist
Bholekar Srihari (born 1941), Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker
BhupenKhakkar,( 1934 - 2003), Painter
Bijan Choudhury (1931 - 2012), Painter
BikashBhattacharjee (1940-2006), Painter
Daku, Pseudonymous Graffiti Artist
Devajyoti Ray (born 1974), Painter and Installation Artist
Francis Newton Souza (1924 – 2002), Artist
Gieve Patel (born 1940), Poet, Playwright, Painter
GogiSaroj Pal (born 1945), Eminent Artist
Gurpreet Singh Dhuri (born 1983) Sculptor Artist
JaharDasgupta (born 1942), Painter
Jogen Chowdhury (born 1939), Eminent Painter
John Wilkins (1927 – 1991), Painter
K.G. Subramanyan (1924 - 2016), Padma Vibhushan Indian Artist 
Kailash Chandra Meher (born 1954), Painter
Kanu Desai (1907 - 1980), Artist & Art Director
KurchiDasgupta (born 1974), Painter, Writer and Translator
M R D Dattan (1935 – 2006), Sculptor Artist
M.F. Husain (1915 - 2011), Modern Indian Painter of International Acclaim
ManjitBawa (1941 - 2008), Painter
Maya Burman (born 1971), Contemporary Artist of Indian Parentage living in France
Anish Mikhail Kapoor (born 1954), British Sculptor
Mohammed Bilal Khatri (born 1987), Bagh Printer
Mohammed Yusuf Khatri (born 1967), Bagh Printer
Neeraj Gupta (born 1969), Indian Sculptor Artist
Nek Chand (1924 – 2015), Self-Taught Indian Artist
PirajiSagara, Indian Painter 
PrafullaDahanukar (1934 – 2014), Painter
Ram Chandra Shukla (1925 – 2016), Painter
RamkinkarBaij (1906 - 1980), Painter and Sculptor
Reena Saini Kallat (born 1974), Visual Artist
RupeshPatric (born 1979), charcoal sketches
S. Jithesh, Speed Cartoonist
SundaramRajam (1919 – 2010), Indian actor, painter and Carnatic musician
S.H. Raza (1922 – 2016), Painter
Samir Mondal (born 1952), water colourist
Satish Gujral (born 1925), painter, sculptor & muralist
Shilpa Gupta (born 1976), Contemporary Artist
Somalal Shah (1905 – 1994), Painter & Teacher
Srimati Lal, Artist, Poet & Writer
Suvigya Sharma (born 1983), Artist, Painter & Fashion Designer
Thukral&Tagra (born 1976 & 1979), Visual Artists
Vasudeo S. Gaitonde (1924–2001), painter
VivanSundaram (born 1943), installation artist
Wajid Khan (born 1981), Portraitist& Sculptor
Yantr, Pseudonymous Graffiti Artist

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