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Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculptures have been popular in India since the ancient times. Metal sculpture artists in India have been successful in making fine pieces of art work using this material. In southern parts of the country, metal figurines have been in the focus, with emphasis given on their designs and detailing. There are only handful of people, who can work with metal as an art medium and Mr. Neeraj Gupta is one among them. Metal sculptures made by Neeraj Gupta’s – One of the famous metal sculptures artist in India includes “Dance Form” Artist Neeraj Gupta’s literally magnum works are carry profound realities. His works allows all to enjoy and be a part of his creativity, by allowing people to connect with his work.

There are various options of metal to choose from while considering this type of sculpturing including steel, bronze, copper and iron. The best part about this type of sculpturing is that it can exist in many different natural or abstract forms. Even contemporary sculpture artist use this medium to produce some of the finest of works. Metal sculptures across India comprise from tiny decoration items, small figurines of deities, to large sculptures to depict modern forms of art. This has given a boost to metal sculpture industry in India.

  • Now there, who does not like the lustrous metal sculptures! The material itself offers so much to the artist to work on. If you are in search for an outstanding figurine, don't miss this opportunity to check out the work of Mr. Neeraj Gupta
  • Well now, it seems that most of us highly admire metal sculptures in a big way considering the demand of this art form in the recent years. Check out Mr. Neeraj's all new collection of metal sculptures and pick up your most favourite one today!

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