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Marble Sculpture

There are very few Indian Marble Sculpture artists that are successful in holding the art’s essence in their works in true form. Marble sculpturing is altogether a different art form and is based on perfection, delicacy and dedication. This form of sculpturing coming down from generations is all ‘all time cherished’ art and has won the hearts of zillions of admirers across the globe.

While talked about Marble Sculptures in India, it is difficult to ignore the exquisite world wonder, ‘Taj Mahal’, who in itself is an epitome of marble art. In India, marble figurine is popular since the ancient times and even in the modern times; this form of art is used to illustrate various deities and pieces of contemporary origin. The sale of the marble figurines is high in the county and this has lead to the initiation of several sculptures Artists.

Marble figurines are quite durable and seem to remain intact for decades together. Sculpting using marble is not a new or late form of art technique. Right before the painting on the cave walls, early primitive men, fashioned shapes using stone. Coming down from those augmentations, artefacts have evolved to their current complexity. In general terms, this form of art, deals with the creation of three-dimensional forms from marble. Even though, sculptures can be produced using other popular stones, artist’s first choice remains marble besides everything else. The main reason for this is that marble offers a fine translucent surface to work on. This material provides a desired visual depth to the sculpture that necessitates its beauty. Marble also has the advantage of providing smoother finish and finer touch.

  • A lot has been said and written about marble sculptures! A lot about it has been admired and appreciated. But then why not, it is one of the oldest forms of art that exists today. Know more about marble sculptures in a journey with Mr. Neeraj Gupta
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