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Folk strangers

The artist explores between perceived reality and the creativity of human mind by giving form to it. These distinctive style of heads with impressive figural distortion and descriptive thick layers of pigmented cement treatment in most vibrant colors can be best described as variegated, bizarre or moiled, quaint and pied. Neeraj conflates the Indian aesthetics with his signature grotesque style to depict the anxieties of modern life. Distortions have been often used to emphasize features of spiritual significance thus increasing the intrinsic aesthetics value of composition. The representational style is abstract rather than naturalistic.

The Artist continues to exploit prodigious and quaint style to express inner turmoil and anxiety . Famous for versatility, Neeraj defends his style by commenting that heads are for communication of emotional intensity and not for decoration. Some of the forms are fantastical while others are quite amusing but these anomalous forms are reflection and expression of inner most self of the artist. The most astonishing feature of these sculptures is the surface texture achieved with pigments and cement which the artist claims to have innovated and invented. The artist adopts a distorted but sophisticated approach to achieve the abstraction of facial forms. These sculptures are bold in execution and virtual in expression. These Sculptural forms truly reflect the complete understanding of the full spectrum of the aesthetics foundations of contemporary forms.

Incredible Sculptures
17/2868, Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 110005 Delhi
M : +91 9810044342
011-28729251, 28726391
New Delhi
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