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Charter of Heavens

Charter of the Heavens (Yantras) : In India's thought systems, diagrams and patterns are paramount. So that yantras are essentially geometrical compositions, though not being geometry alone but rather representing the dynamics of the Brahmand (cosmos), articulating forces whose powers or energy increase in proportion to the precision of a diagram. Through such yantras comes the creation and control of ideas and of blind material forces. The yantras par excellence reveal powerful images or vital aspects of our common existence. In the rigorously argued Indian thought systems, the line of both body and spirit meet and these lines can be traced through the yantras.
Contemplated, they enrich the higher emotions. So that these present yantras (of plain wood and nails) give us an inkling of the tandava like dancing of the all-enveloping reality.
The artist Neeraj Gupta has come to these almost kinetic yantras not by taking thought but by having been exposed to them by his hereditary and cultural norms. He spell-binds us to space and time (akash and kala) that in themselves form the warp and woof of human awareness.

Yantras may also be taken as musical modes, which are inherently related through their proportioned structures. Just as the musical strings must be plucked to invoke certain sounds, so too these yantras could be mastered and mentally plucked to bring forth images of power. Their static lines will, with due application, then vibrate in perfect concord like a finely tuned musical instrument.

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