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Artist Statement

Super-technology, great as it is, has caused the humanities and the arts of the day forget their true language, that of inner being. the scientific methods seen applied to some of the day’s art works are brilliant, but great love alone is the aim of all art. Art is not titillation, not information, not reduction. Art must somehow or other still have the mysterious power of transcending history, and horizontal time, that alone makes us see things acutely.

Artists must think from the ground up, that is, on all forms of creativities: whether of the arts, the sciences and even the faiths.

The so-called 'ugliness' can be beautiful, but far more beautiful is the heart. Art's bent is the truth of life, not the truth of scientific abstractions.

For me no glossy synthetic surfaces do, only those that come naturally. Kinetic sculpture can be exciting, but the Neolithic methods are closer to our bone.

All lasting art is contemplative and does not pander to our vulgar curiosity.

I'm for permanent experiences alone. Through only by craft are these  turned into moments of pukka art. In this excitable age, serenity is of the greatest value. The old Indian carvings created a mood of serenity. It is these that make us really breathless. Think of the dancing Shiva in stone!  Here is true poetry. So art better not be fugitive.

Good  art is not descriptive, but a carrier of  culturally distilled emotions. I believe the displacement of the living and the organic from our civilization has gone too far with the development of the machine and machine-like minds. This has led to the dehumanization of art itself.  We have become just too regulated and narrow. a disaster for our own humanity. Think of climate change! What folly. Truer artists groom the heart to spiritual health.

Incredible Sculptures
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