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Art Statement

Only from time to time are there genuine, fresh mutations in the art of sculpture. Artist Neeraj Gupta’s literally magnum works ( in wood and marble ) are equally weighty with profound realities. The imaginative treatment of these works lends a feel of timelessness to the whole, large expositions. So the Yantra series in the Charter of Heavens, so the Dawn of consciousness, The Thumbprints of Nature, Immortal Love, The Miracle of Creation and other vertically rising sculptures – among them is also The Vivacious, The Great Indian Bazaar series , bustling with the country’s out-door life at once amusing and uplifting.

Keshav Malik

Incredible Sculptures
17/2868, Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 110005 Delhi
M : +91 9810044342
011-28729251, 28726391
New Delhi
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