Neeraj Gupta is a reputed artist works his woods in an unpretentious way. You can buy online Wooden Indian Statues, best manufacturers sculptures for sale in Delhi.
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Wooden Sculpture

Carving Wooden Sculptures from a mere piece of log is simply an art work. As far as the field of sculpture extends, wooden figurines have been adored by admirers since generations down the line, owing to its it's wood specific textures and fine finish. Wooden sculptures are extensively handpicked and thrive for a successful industry in India. More than a dozen Indian states now including Karnaraka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, are now popular for this kind of art form. Sculpture artists pertaining to India hold the credit to initiate this form of creativity and since its inception, these carvings have been revolutionised and transformed to depict several cultures, traditions and beliefs. Unlike other art forms, the scope and sale of wooden sculptures have not witnessed stagnancy. The field has evolved into an all new contemporary tangent and this resulted in the push of its sale a thousand folds. In the recent era, most of the wooden sculptures have innovative patterns and detailing and expand to depict a variety of subjects including history, religion, politics and science.

If you are to pick selectively made wooden sculptures, then contemporary foams of Neeraj Gupta will surely please you. Among the contemporary wooden sculpture artists, he has created a series of awe-inspiring works like "Crucifixion" and "Noah’s Ark”.

  • A wooden sculpture is the collective effort of the artist's perception, the intricacy of the work and the skill with which the carving is done. And that's why perhaps there are only a few that can bring out its beauty in the best way possible. Check out a range of wooden sculptures here by artist Neeraj Gupta
  • Wooden Sculptures require a certain skill and delicacy and that is why history has witnessed very few wooden sculpture artists that have outgrown in this particular art form. Artist Neeraj Gupta is an expert in creating outstanding wooden sculptures.
  • A lot of people prefer buying wooden sculpture, for it is in this art form that the best of the craftsmanship is put forth in the limelight. Check out the complete gallery of wooden sculptures by artist Neeraj Gupta and bid you pick today!

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